Core Facility Directors

W. Clay Bracken
  • Associate Professor of Research in Biochemistry
  • NMR Core Director
(212) 746-6473
Lee Cohen-Gould
  • Senior Staff Associate in Biochemistry
  • Senior Director of the CLC Imaging Cores
  • Electron Microscopy and Optical Microscopy Cores
(212) 746-6146
Lee Cohen-Gould has been a Core Director at Weill Cornell Medicine since 1988, when it was dedicated to electron microscopy.  In the intervening years, the Core has expanded to include many many modes of optical microscopy.  Within the Core, her emphasis is on training faculty, post-docs, students and staff in the proper use of our laser scanning confocal microscopes, the core's wide field fluorescence microscopes and transmission electron microscope.  She also provides consultation on sample prep for TEM & SEM and histology samples.
Sushmita Mukherjee Photo
  • Associate Professor of Research in Biochemistry
  • Microscopy & Image Analysis Core Co-Director
  • Multi-Photon Core
(212) 746-6495
My area of focus is Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis
Skip Ralph
  • Research Associate in Biochemistry
  • Co-Director, Microscopy and Image Analysis Core
  • Automated Optical Microscopy
(646) 962-7726
The Automated Optical Microscopy service of the Microscopy and Image Analysis Core has an ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System for microscopy in multi-well plates.  The system has both widefield and confocal modalities and has environmental controls enabling both fixed and live-cell imaging of whole organisms, thick tissues, 3D spheroid assays, and cellular or intracellular events.  This instrument along with our liquid dispensers, plate washer and fully customizable analysis software can be employed to automate many types of fluorescence imaging experiments reducing variability and saving hours of operator time.
  • Proteomics Core Director
(646) 962-6222
Research Area :

Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Biochemistry 1300 York Avenue,
Box #63 Room A-108
New York, NY 10065 Phone: (646) 962-2759