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Biochemistry Core Facilities

Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy has been part of the research environment at WMC for over 40 years. Current applications concentrate on (but are not limited to) studies of developmental trends and the effects of genetic knockouts on specific cell types or organs. Localization of specific proteins using gold-labeled antibodies can give the next level information after preliminary studies have been done in light microscopy. The facility provides transmission and scanning electron microscopy services, including specimen preparation, embedding, thin and ultrathin sectioning and staining (TEM) and critical point drying, sputter and/or carbon coating (SEM).

Optical Microscopy

This Core provides equipment and expertise to assist investigators in applying sophisticated optical microscopy techniques to their research. Fluorescence and transmitted light microscopy can provide information about the relationships of cells to one another and about the disposition of structures within cells. Images can be obtained in fixed cells and changes in living cells over time can be tracked using time-lapse imaging. Additionally, information about the 3-dimensional arrangement of structures within cells, both fixed and living, is accessible through the use of the Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope.

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