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Researchers Discover New Mechanism of Synapse Control

A tiny tubular structure directly controls synapses, the junctions through which communication signals flow between nerve cells, according to a paper published Feb. 8 in Neuron. The research could eventually help scientists better understand and treat a variety of neurological diseases, including spastic paraplegia, which leads to stiffness, weakness and spasms in the legs, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the...

Brain Cells, Like Muscle Cells, Mobilize Sugar in Response to Increased Activity

New research provides insights into why the brain is so reliant on sugar to function. 

In a study published Jan. 19 in Neuron, a research team led by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators discovered that brain cells recruit a specific sugar, glucose, to fuel the transmission of electrical signals that enable people to think, breathe and walk. The findings suggest that the brain uses the same process to...

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