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Department of Biochemistry

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Timothy Ryan, Ph.D.

Timothy Ryan, Ph.D.
Professor of Biochemistry Professor of Biochemistry in Anesthesiology
(646) 962-2786

The Ryan laboratory develops and applies quantitative methods to understand the molecular underpinnings of synapse function with a particular emphasis on the control of neurotransmitter release and the recycling of synaptic vesicles. The lab discovered that nerve terminals represent one of the critical loci of metabolic vulnerability in the brain which has led them to explore questions of how fuel availability and combustion is regulated to support synapse function.

Lab Members

Ghazaleh Ashrafi

Postdoctoral Associate

Nimra Asi

Graduate Student

Erin Cohn

Research Technician

Daniel Cook


Ryan Farrell

Graduate Student

Alexandros Kokotos

Postdoctoral Associate

Andrew Nelson

Postdoctoral Associate

Maria Camila Pulido-Puentes

Postdoctoral Associate

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