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Noah Elias Dephoure, Ph.D.

Noah Dephoure
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Proteomics Core Director
(646) 962-6232

The Dephoure laboratory uses quantitative proteomics to globally monitor protein composition, abundance and post-translational modifications. The lab is trying to understand how signaling events such as phosphorylation regulate protein dynamics. The lab is also developing methods for identifying phosphorylation dependent changes in protein complex composition and protein subcellular localization. The hope is to leverage these methods to identify functional phosphorylation sites that impact cellular physiology and human disease.

Lab Members

Adnan Ahmen

Research Technician

Paola Cavaliere

Postdoctoral Associate

Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Biochemistry 1300 York Avenue,
Box #63 Room A-108
New York, NY 10065 Phone: (646) 962-2759